For Hospitals

Last year, NSW Health spent $15million on nursing agency fees. Australian-wide, this extends to $1.2billion.

To complicate matters, the current model of nursing recruitment agencies lends to a financial bias over where nurses are sent, with little control on the front line. Furthermore, nursing agencies are financially incentivised to place anyone in a role.

The Solution? uPaged

We’re on a mission to help hospitals reduce their nursing agency spend, and improve the calibre of their contingency nursing workforce.

Built by nurses, for nurses. 

uPaged is a dedicated nursing workforce marketplace.

Our digital platform gives Nursing Managers real time access to available nurses, to speed up the booking process and give them more time supporting their nurses.

Source by year level, skills, qualifications, areas of expertise, rating, experience, and more, and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional agency model. 

Hospitals pay up to 75% less than to traditional nursing agencies; only pay a fee on completion of shift, and only pay for what you use. 

No lock in contracts

Set your rate of pay

No setup costs

Only pay for what you use


Why do we need a better solution?

The cost to Australian hospitals for agency nurses cripples hospital budgets. It’s a vicious cycle. When budgets dry up, contingent workforce is slashed, regular staff are overworked, patient care is compromised and nurses leave the workforce. Poor staffing (of skilled nurses) has been proven to negatively affect patient outcomes.


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